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Koflah Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our website http://koflah.com/! We have worked hard on the site to offer you the best shopping experience, and we hope you enjoy everything this site offers.

Website: http://koflah.com/ ("The Site") is owned and operated by the KOFLAH Trading Corporation for its own benefit and the benefit of the establishments and its subsidiaries. Commercial Registration No. 4030289615 is registered in the registered legal office at Sabah Sultan Center Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Site Provisions

Please read these Terms and any other terms of use published on the Site as collectively constituting the provisions of our Site governing your use of our Site and the Services it provides (including Website, Call Center and Mobile Application). Please note that we may change this site's provisions from time to time without notice to you by posting the updated site's terms. Please check the updates regularly. The registration of your order through our website is your approval of the latest version of the site.

If any change in the law means that we have to change the terms of our site after you register for the purchase order - but before it is implemented - we are obliged to apply that change to your request. In all other cases, the published version will be applied at the time of registration of your application. Your use of the Site is your consent to abide by the terms of the Site.


We aim to make the site and related services accessible to as many users as possible. However, we ask you to be at least 18 years of age and have the ability to do the following legally: (i) to pay by one of our accepted payment methods; (ii) to agree to these provisions; With us.

The site is for your personal use or for gifts only and is not allowed for commercial use. We reserve the right to reject applications that we suspect to be for commercial use.


In order for you to take advantage of the advantages and services of this site, you may either use the site based on the "visitor experience" or create an account and register your data for us. You are always responsible for ensuring the integrity, completeness and completeness of any personal data or data about your payment to us. You can update your data by contacting us via this link, or you can update it on your personal page on the site. Please keep your account data and password secure and secure. Our customer service representatives will never ask you for your password. We are committed to complying with our Privacy Policy, but we are not responsible for any loss incurred by any customer due to misuse of this data. Please notify us as soon as possible if you think your account has been hacked. By registering for any purchase order on the Site, you guarantee that you have complied with the eligibility criteria described above and that you confirm that the information you have provided is information that is relevant to you and accurate in all respects. Commercial entities are not eligible for our registration.

Privacy Policy and Cookies


When you register for us, then - in accordance with your rights to cancel or return the Products - you are committed to purchasing the products mentioned in the application and at the price mentioned therein, including any delivery charges, the cost of cash payment upon receipt, taxes and customs duties, if applicable.

Applications are subject to our acceptance, which we may exclude at our sole discretion, including for reasons such as incompetence, inability to confirm payment authorization, suspected fraud, restrictions on shipping and availability of inventory. The products in your shopping bag are not kept on our site until you pay for them. If you have chosen the cash payment method upon receipt for your application via our website, our team will send a text message on your mobile phone only once or call the number listed in the application to confirm your order and data in your account before shipping the order. Please click on the link in that text message to complete the confirmation process, verify your data or respond to the team calls. If you do not complete this step within 3 days of the day you receive the text message or contact our team, we regret to inform you that the order will be canceled.

The site (or contact center website) may contain or provide information regarding the availability of products, and this information can be used to estimate the likelihood of a product being available as soon as a purchase order is registered. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that any product listed as available will actually be available immediately, as available stock of products can change significantly throughout the day. In rare cases, the product may be available at the time you register for a purchase order, but by the time your order is processed, the stock available will be fully sold. If this happens, we will notify you.

We will acknowledge receipt of your request by e-mail. However, the request will only be confirmed when you receive an email from us confirming that the product (s) in question are sent to you. No other party has the authority to confirm acceptance of the request. Once the application has been confirmed it has been concluded in Saudi Arabia.

Paying off

We currently accept the following types of payment methods for orders registered on our website: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, the balance available in your account via the website. Cash on delivery is available for orders up to SAR 10,000. An additional fee of SAR 25 will be added when selecting the payment method in cash upon receipt, cover the cost of this service. These fees must be paid when the order is delivered to you, and this value will be added to the final amount of the value