Who are we?

Our Story

The idea emerged through a talk on Snapchat. One of the most influential user's of Snapchat; Sultan Alnefaie proposed the idea to his followers. The idea was declared on Snapchat and with the participation of all the followers; the recruitment, the designs, the identity and day-to-day updates were shared and done through Snapchat on S-777.

The concept was clear and simple: to set up an e-store for children's products, supplies and needs.

Eventually, the idea grew and so did the work put into it.

The idea has been developed not only as a platform to help people buy all their children's needs, it has become much more than that. Koflah has been developed to be a Saudi brand that designs and produces the highest quality clothing and children's products, with the best European and American standards.

However, the idea became a dream, and the dream became a reality

Now Koflah offers you products to suit your child's needs, with the highest quality available, at competitive prices.

What is most important to us is customers' satisfaction to get more than expected